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Strap I

Sometimes Dad is on the ceiling

and he can’t get down at all. 

When this happens I am blamed

because I drive him up the wall. 


Other times he’s past the corner.

I’m at fault, you could contend – 

Dad can go in that direction

since I drive him round the bend.


Now and then he has a fall.

It’s due to me, one might allege;

Dad is liable to topple

when I drive him to the edge. 


Frequently he grows so crazy

that he cannot concentrate – 

when I drive him to distraction

Dad cries out and turns irate.


These things crop up fairly often

and I think it’s quite bizarre

my father gets so apoplectic 

every time I drive his car…


On occasion I’ve denied it.

Dad’s been adamant I’ve lied.

All in all, I must admit

I sometimes take him for a ride.

(published in Who Let the Words Out?)

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