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Your Privacy and Data

As an author/poet I am self-employed, and place great importance on looking after your personal data within the guidelines of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I have done my best to interpret it in a way that is meaningful to everyone I work with whether you are someone who I have contacted or has contacted me once or on many occasions. So this is what I can tell you to reassure you that I protect your privacy interests:

The data I may collect about you for the purposes of my day-to-day business with you include your:

  • name

  • telephone

  • postal address

  • email address and correspondence in Microsoft Outlook

  • financial information for my accounts such as invoices and payment records.

I would never pass your details to a third party without your consent.

I never conduct mass mailings, send newsletters or run subscription services. It's not the way I work; my contact  with you is more on a

one-to-one level.

I no longer sell books through my website (it cost me more to run the online store than I made in profit through the sales - oh well!) so would not collect data in this way either. 

All of my devices' passwords are extremely secure and, where possible, I have used a two-step sign-in system to augment security for them and for social media too.

I am the sole person who can access personal data I collect. If you don't want me to contact you any longer I will delete your contact details within 24-hours of your request and record this so I do not contact you again. 

I am also keen to ensure this document meets your needs so please let me know what I can do to improve things and I will do my best to act on your suggestions.

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