​I write and perform for adults as well as children, regularly standing up at comedy, spoken word and variety nights. I have had​ poems published in numerous magazines, journals and anthologies.





'Joshua Seigal is a renowned children's poet and performer. In this, his first collection for adults, he tackles growing up and dumbing down. Tender poems and childhood and family mingle with irreverent performance pieces honed on the spoken word and stand-up comedy circuits. Seigal's poetry conveys an infatuation with the intricacy and possibility of words and deals with issues of Love and Loathing in equal measure.'

Joshua Seigal dances merrily across the line of the frivolous and the serious, lulling you with laughs and hitting you with heart-felt breath-catching moments before slapping you round the head with the great fish of nonsense.’ A.F. Harrold


‘Wizardry with rhyme that makes the humdrum fun as Joshua Seigal shines a light on society’s unrealistic expectations. These poems are sprinkled generously with laugh out loud punchlines which make ‘Advice to a Young Skydiver’ a soaring and swooping success.’ Daniel Cockrill


‘Deftly witty wordplay with a side order of self-deprecation. I’d much rather read Joshua Seigal’s comic verse than have a massage from Tony Blair.’ Elvis McGonagall

NB This book is intended for adults only. Read some more reviews here and here