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Poem for Libraries


Come to a place full of wonder and light

and sparkling stories to brighten your night;

of tales and fables and beautiful beams

that flash in your mind and set fire to your dreams. 


Come to a place full of horror and dread,

of demons and dragons that howl in your head;

of terrible tigers with blood-spattered claws

and lives that are shattered by famines and wars. 


Come to a place full of dates, facts and figures

and jokes that will have you in stitches and sniggers;

a place you can stroll through the meadows of history,

scaling the sides of the mountain of mystery. 


Come to a place that can sate your addiction

to rollicking rhymes and to fabulous fiction; 

a place you can travel through time at your leisure:

a library of pages to savour and treasure.

(published in Who Let the Words Out?)

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