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One day I’ll grow up

and I’ll have to live life.

I might finish school

and I might find a wife.

It might happen later,

it might happen soon

but one thing’s for sure:

I’ll keep watching cartoons.


I might ditch my trainers

and wear a smart suit.

I might get a job

where I have to commute.

I might be a spaceman

and fly to the moon

but don’t be in doubt:

I’ll keep watching cartoons.


I might be a doctor,

curing disease.

I might be a lumberjack,

hacking down trees.

I might be a zookeeper

taming baboons

but never you fear:

I’ll keep watching cartoons.


My hair might turn grey

and my joints might go creaky.

My mind might go blank

and my bladder go leaky.

I might lose my teeth

and eat mush with a spoon

but as I expire

I’ll be watching cartoons.


With the WOWS!

and the POWS!

and the ZAPS!

and the ZOOMS!

no I’ll never stop watching cartoons!

(published in I Bet I Can Make You Laugh)



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