Where I Live

The mirror is enormous

and the tabletop is vast.

The curtains are like sails set

upon a monstrous mast.


The rug is like an ocean

and the bookcase like a tower. 

The chairs are monumental

and the cushions make me cower. 


The wall is like a mountain

that would take a year to climb.

The hall’s completely cavernous,

its grandeur is sublime.


The ceiling's in the heavens

and the light is like the sun.

My life with these surroundings

is both frightening and fun,


but if you were to visit me`

your wonder might be scant;

my dwelling is a normal size,

it’s just that I’m an ant...

My home is quite conventional;

it's not unique, I swear.

I'm hoping you'll forgive me 

for that anty climax there.

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