Truly Frightful

There’s an apple, some raisins,
a tangy satsuma, 
some carrots and cranberries
fresh from the pack;
there’s a pear and some walnuts, 
bananas and grapes
in the scariest Halloween
trick-or-treat sack.

There’s a juicy, ripe orange, 
some broccoli florets
and lots of fresh greens
from the vegetable patch; 
there’s a plum and some peaches
and pineapple rings 
in the scariest Halloween 
trick-or-treat catch.

There’s protein and vitamins, 
minerals and fibre;
it’s healthy and wholesome
and not nice at all. 
It’s a bag full of nasty
unspeakable horrors —

the worst ever Halloween
trick-or-treat haul!

(published in Welcome to My Crazy Life)

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