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The World's Worst Poet

There was a young poet called Josh
Who tried to be clever and posh
A limerick he wrote
But he hit a bum note
So he had to try something else.

A haiku is what
he then attempted to do.
But that was no good either.

Arrrgh! He thought. 
Can’t I be good at anything?
Really, it can’t be that hard. 
Oh yes! I’ve got it:
Surely an acrostic isn’t too difficult. 
Today I will write an acrostic!
I can do that easily!
but it turned out that he Couldn’t.

He then
turned his mind to 
a type of poem called
a cinquain. I’ve cracked it! He thought. 
But he hadn’t.

Oh well, said Josh.
I’ll write a novel instead.

(published in Welcome to My Crazy Life)

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