A newborn baby in a cot

that’s magic.

A baked potato, piping hot

that’s magic.

A cartoon on a Saturday

a muffin on a baker’s tray

a tabby cat that wants to play

that’s magic.


A rainbow peeking through the rain

that’s magic.

A multicoloured candy cane

that’s magic.

A puppy learning how to bark

a chocolate eaten in the dark

a game of football in the park

that’s magic.


A lion waking from a nap

that’s magic.

Your uncle doing his ‘cool rap’

that’s... tragic.

A doctor looking down your throat

the buttons on your winter coat

the beard on a billy goat

that’s magic.


A dolphin diving in the deep

that’s magic.

A brand new watch that’s yours to keep

that’s magic.

Just have a look round where you dwell

The sea, the sky, the land as well –

you don’t need wands or magic spells

for magic.

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