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Johnny and the Mango

Johnny wouldn't eat his tea.

His mum had given him celery,

which Johnny didn't want, you see

all Johnny like was MANGO!


Johnny wouldn't eat his lunch.

His mum had given him Monster Munch,

but Johnny wanted a bowl of punch

made with lots and lots of MANGO!


Johnny wouldn't eat his sandwich.

It had cheese and it had ham with

peanut butter and strawberry jam,

but Johnny wanted MANGO!


Now Johnny liked his mango.

It was his favourite fruit.

He liked it more than chocolate

and more than his pet newt.


He really liked his mango

and you might just start to laugh

when I tell you where he ate it:

he ate it in the bath!


Johnn'y mum said "have a shower"

but Johnny gave an angry glower.

He wanted a bath at this wee hour

so he could eat his MANGO!


So Johnny got himself undressed.

He took off his socks, took off his vest

and went to the kitchen and made a mess,

looking for some MANGO!


Johnny went into the larder.

He reached on the shelf - harder! Harder!

He knew just what he was after:

he was trying to find a MANGO!


And then...


Johnny found a mango

and hid it from his mum.

He went into the bathroom

so he could have some fun.


He ran himself a nice hot bath,

now he was really free,

and he got into the water

and had MANGO for his tea!

(published in Little Lemur Laughing)

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