Dracula's Love Letter

I’ll feast on your tongue in a sandwich.

I’ll gobble your teeth in a pie.

I’ll boil your lips

and I’ll scoff them with chips

then I’ll munch on the back of your thigh.


I’ll gnaw on your guts for my breakfast.

I’ll chew on your chin for my tea.

I’ll grind down your bones

to make sweet eyes-cream cones

then I’ll gulp down a spleen kedgeree.


I’ll build a baguette with your bottom.

I’ll cook up a stew with your toes.

I’ll crush up your shoulder blade,

drink it with mucusade,

then I’ll devour your nose.


I’ll pick off the flesh from your ribcage.

I’ll slurp on the wax from your ear.

I’ll chomp on your flab

as I make a kebab

using all that remains of your rear.


I’ll have the left-ova for supper,

and then on your blood I will sup.

There ain't no one who is

as pretty as you is –

I just want to eat you all up.



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